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Musicianship Series

Bloomingdale faculty members lead this series of four-week lecture courses designed to teach participants the practical musical skills that are invaluable in our development as well-rounded musicians.

Classes meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm. Open to students ages 10 and up, adults welcome!

Musicianship Series
    Lecture Class
    4 weeks
$160 per semester
Spring 2021
Start Date
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Zach Lapidus

7:00-8:00 p.m.
Tereasa Payne

7:00-8:00 p.m.
Rachel Querreveld

What you will learn

Courses in this series will take a peek behind the curtain to enhance musical understanding in performance, notation, arranging, songwriting, and more.


See below for more information on each class.

Manuscript: Create Your Own Music Score!
March 2-23

Have you ever wanted to write your own music, make your own arrangement, or notate a score? Learn how to use a free computer program to notate anything from instrumental solos to a full symphony!

Performance Class
April 6-27

Improve your performances by learning both the skills needed for impeccable presentation and the methods to put them into practice. Students with prior experience on their instrument welcome.

Songwriting Workshop
May 4-25

Have you ever wanted to write your own songs, but don’t know where to begin? This practical workshop explores modern lyric writing techniques and elements of song form. Through a series of engaging exercises, participants will compose a number of original lyrics and melodies throughout this workshop series.

Manuscript: Create Your Own Music Scores!

MARCH 4-26, 2021

Students will learn how to notate music using MuseScore (a free downloadable program for Mac or PC), starting with how to create a new score, set up multiple instruments, and enter notes, and moving on to the addition of dynamics, slurs, articulations, and accent marks. We will explore the conventions of musical notation including beaming, use of ties, and other ways to make our music look as good and easy to read as possible. We’ll also cover the reasons computers are so good for editing music – copy and paste, instant transposition, and undo! Finally, we can learn how to manage our playback so we can hear our creations come to life!

Performance Class

APRIL 6-27, 2021

Performance is about drawing in and captivating our audiences from the moment we walk out on stage. Learn methods to deal with anxiety, connect with your audience, and make your performances shine like the star you are! Through lectures, masterclasses, and instructor and student performances, students will learn valuable performance techniques from a professional musician who is performing live daily (even while Virtual!).

Songwriting Workshop

MAY 4-25, 2021

Students will learn techniques of popular lyric writing, methods for drawing inspiration, various collaborative approaches, and construction of melody. Through analysis of song form and works by popular artists, students will identify and learn to apply various literary devices. With a combination of solo and collaborative writing exercises, students will add many tools to their songwriting toolbox and songs to their notebooks.

The Music of Our Students

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We provide access to music education to anyone who seeks it, regardless of economic status, ability, ethnicity, or religion, which has a profound impact on individual lives as well as on our entire community.

We offer Need-based financial assistance

Our goal is to make music education accessible and to remove the financial barrier that may prevent students from participating. Therefore, we offer need-based financial aid to as many students as possible.