Classes for

Classes For

Preparatory Orchestra

Designed as the first ensemble experience, students will play with other young musicians while learning how to follow a conductor.

What you will learn

Sight reading, counting and improving rhythm, learning dynamics, and musical terms will also be taught through music and fun group activities. No audition required. Students must have studied their instrument for a minimum of six months in order to participate. 


Playing in a group is much different than playing alone - students will learn to make music in coordination with their peers in both their section and the wider orchestra setting.


Students will have the chance to perform every semester at the ensembles concert and other school events throughout the year.


Students will have the chance to make friends in the orchestra to last a lifetime.

The Music of Our Students

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We provide access to music education to anyone who seeks it, regardless of economic status, ability, ethnicity, or religion, which has a profound impact on individual lives as well as on our entire community.

We offer Need-based financial assistance

Our goal is to make music education accessible and to remove the financial barrier that may prevent students from participating. Therefore, we offer need-based financial aid to as many students as possible.