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Classes For

Summer: Carnival of the Instruments

In this week-long workshop, students discover the wonderful world of music through the classic piece by Camille Saint-Saen’s “Carnival of the Animals”. Open to students without any or some experience with music study.

Dates: July 20-24

What you will learn

Students will receive an array of musical experiences that will develop them both as listeners and active participants in the creation of music.


Learn about the various instruments of the orchestra by section and see them demonstrated by professional players.


Various classes will include movement, singing exercises, and an introduction to music theory.

Basic Piano

Students will also learn basic keyboarding skills in both ensemble and individual settings. At the end of the week, the students will be given an opportunity to showcase their new skills in a final performance for friends and family.

The Music of Our Students

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We provide access to music education to anyone who seeks it, regardless of economic status, ability, ethnicity, or religion, which has a profound impact on individual lives as well as on our entire community.

We offer Need-based financial assistance

Our goal is to make music education accessible and to remove the financial barrier that may prevent students from participating. Therefore, we offer need-based financial aid to as many students as possible.