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Musical Stories: Tereasa Payne & Rebekah Griffin-Greene

Musical Stories: Tereasa Payne & Rebekah Griffin-Greene
July 24, 2020 7:00 pm

Concert 1: Tereasa Payne – Flute/Native American Flute/Shakuhachi/Gemshorn/Panflute/Toyo

Flutes of the World: The first flute was heard 43,000 years ago. Our ancestors went on to create flutes throughout history, across cultures and continents—in every imaginable shape and size. In this dynamic program, Tereasa Payne will play flutes and music from around the world so that you can see your world through fresh ears.


Concertino – Cecile Chaminade – Flute

Nostalgic – Randall Snyder – Native American Flute

Chinese Dizi Solo

Abiyoyo – African Lullaby – Gemshorn

Purtata Rara – Romanian Folksong – Panflute

Brazil – Ary Barroso – Toyo

Concert 2: Dr. Terry Greene II, trombone/vocals & Dr. Rebekah Griffin Greene, double bass/vocals

The Dream Team: Double bassist Rebekah Griffin Greene and trombonist Terry Greene II present solo and duo works showcasing their passion for composition and improvisation, including original stories, poetry, and vocals


1. Adventurous Tales of Two Siblings, by Terry Greene II, for trombone, bass, and narrator/electronics.

2. Improvised selection for double bass and vocals, Rebekah Griffin Greene, double bass/vocals.

3. Instant variations on a known theme of our choosing, trombone and bass.


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