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Jordan Pettay

Teaches: Jazz, Saxophone, Woodwinds

“I believe in helping students create a consistent practice regimen because the more we practice, the more fun music becomes, and at the end of the day that should be what motivates us to get better.”

M.M., Juilliard School
B.M., Juilliard School

Jazz saxophonist Jordan Pettay grew up in Dallas/ Fort Worth Texas and moved to New York City to pursue her bachelor and masters degree from Juilliard. Jordan chose to play the saxophone in the sixth grade because she was drawn to its expressive vocal sound. Early on she was bitten by the jazz bug after hearing recordings of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker as well as classic R&B, Funk, Soul, and Gospel Music.

Jordan enjoys playing music she writes and arranges for her own band. “I love playing in a jazz small group setting where there can be a lot of interaction between band members. The idea of improvising as a soloist and collectively with a band was one of the biggest things that drew me to jazz music.”

As a teacher, she meets each student wherever they’re at on their musical journey. Some areas she stresses are sound production, technique, theory, ear training, and repertoire. “One of my first teachers once said that the saxophone is one of the easiest instruments to learn but one of the hardest instruments to play with a good sound. I’ve always remembered that because your sound is the first thing people hear when you play.”

In addition to playing and teaching the saxophone, Jordan also enjoys being involved with her local church, exploring New York City, and trying new restaurants.