We Can Do It 2!
Practice Challenge

In partnership with the
NY Philharmonic

Please join the New York Philharmonic and Bloomingdale School of Music from August 22-26 for the We Can Do It 2! Practice Challenge as we work together to create a community around the often solitary act of practice, celebrate music-making, and call attention to the need for people to support music education and the arts in general.

For 5 days, practice mentors will encourage students to: 

  • Engage in focused practice

  • Set attainable goals and maintain a practice routine 

  • Give and receive constructive feedback from a community of others working toward the same goal.   

  • Use available tech to aid in their practice

How it Works

  • Starting on August 22nd, all participating students will be assigned to the group on the Padlet app.
  • Each morning the Practice Challenge Leader posts a general practice prompt to the group.
    For example: What’s the part of your piece that challenges you the most? Tell us why and post yourself playing it. Listen to one other participant and give them an encouraging comment.
  • After receiving the prompt, students will have until the next day to post 30 seconds to 2-minute videos in response.  
  • The Practice Challenge Leader will give one general comment of feedback to each student at least twice throughout the week.

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