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Advanced Guitar Ensemble

The Advanced Guitar Ensemble is an exclusive opportunity tailored for students who possess over two years of classical guitar experience and are currently performing at an intermediate or advanced level. This ensemble is designed to provide a challenging and enriching musical environment, allowing students to further develop their skills and explore complex repertoire. 

*Note: Prior to enrollment, interested students must consult with the Director of Guitar Studies to ensure their readiness and suitability for this advanced ensemble. Minimum 1 year of playing experience. Exceptions can be made by audition by contacting Dr. José Maldonado at

Advanced Guitar Ensemble
    14-18 years
    17 weeks
$561 per semester
Fall 2024
Start Date
6:15-7:15 p.m.
José Maldonado

What you will learn

In the advanced guitar ensemble, students will embark on an enriching journey through the classical guitar chamber music repertoire. They will explore a diverse range of compositions, delving into the traditional classical canon while also discovering the captivating works of BIPOC and women composers from underrecognized communities. Alongside the ensemble performances, students will engage in immersive technique workshops, refining their skills and honing their mastery of the guitar. They will also attend enlightening musicianship lectures, expanding their understanding of music theory and interpretation. Through this comprehensive curriculum, students will cultivate their musicality and deepen their appreciation for the rich tapestry of guitar music.

Performance Opportunities

As part of the advanced guitar ensemble, students will have exceptional performance opportunities. They will shine on stage during the highly anticipated Annual Guitar Festival, where they can captivate audiences with their musical superior skills. Additionally, they will showcase their talent in BSM's chamber and ensemble concerts, collaborating with fellow musicians to create memorable performances. These experiences allow students to flourish as performers and build connections within the vibrant guitar community at BSM.

ADvanced Repertoire

Studying musically advanced and technically challenging repertoire holds immense value for the development of music students. It pushes them to stretch their boundaries and reach new heights of musicianship. Engaging with complex compositions cultivates a deep understanding of musical structure, interpretation, and expression. It challenges students to refine their technical skills, honing their precision and control. The pursuit of such repertoire fosters discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. By tackling intricate pieces, students develop resilience and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, studying advanced repertoire opens doors to explore the depth and beauty of musical artistry, broadening their musical horizons and nurturing a lifelong passion for music.

Peer Learning

The Advanced Guitar Ensemble thrives on fostering peer learning, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment for students. By engaging with their fellow guitarists, students can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through sharing insights, techniques, and perspectives, they enrich each other's learning journey. The benefits of peer learning are vast – students gain alternative approaches to problem-solving, discover new musical interpretations, and expand their repertoire of musical ideas. Additionally, peer learning encourages active engagement and participation, promoting a supportive and encouraging atmosphere within the ensemble. It cultivates teamwork, empathy, and effective communication skills, essential qualities for successful musicians. Ultimately, the Advanced Guitar Ensemble harnesses the power of peer learning, allowing students to learn from one another, grow together, and create music that transcends individual boundaries. Dr. Maldonado will work closely with each orchestra member to develop and customize their parts to fit their current playing abilities while also challenging them to always learn something new.

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We offer Need-based financial assistance

Our goal is to make music education accessible and to remove the financial barrier that may prevent students from participating. Therefore, we offer need-based financial aid to as many students as possible.