roadmap 2027

A five-year vision plan developed in 2022 by members of the Bloomingdale Community.


ROADMAP 2027 creates a pathway for Bloomingdale to continue bringing the joy of music into the lives of more people. The steps we are taking will build upon what we already do well and what is unique about our school, while responding to the changing needs of our community and world. They acknowledge both an increase and a shift in the reasons why people need and choose to engage with music.



We plan to build on the work we are already doing by expanding our offerings and capacity, and by adapting our space, current programs, and ways of working so that ultimately, we have the ability to include more people.

These three pillars will hold up our work over the next five years.

They will help to hold us accountable to this plan. When we consider a new initiative, partnership or program, we will need to check in with these pillars to ensure that we are remaining true to the direction that was set when Bloomingdale was founded, and to the intention that was set when we came together to write this plan.



When we asked the question, “What do you want Bloomingdale to look like in 2027?”, the answers did not come in the form of bold, reach goals. The consensus was that the organization was excited to build on its unique identity, strengths, and many recent successes. This is a strengthening plan – strengthening the organization internally, strengthening its role and presence externally in the community, and continuing to strengthen that inextricable link between excellence and access, the seed that was planted in 1964 when Bloomingdale was formed.

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