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Music Programs

Bloomingdale Training Program: STRINGS

The Bloomingdale Training Program (BTP) Strings program is designed for students who are looking for more commitment to their instrument. With a diverse series of offerings, this program aims to educate the whole musician.

Program Highlights

The BTP Strings program is a comprehensive program for all orchestral string-based instrumentalists between the ages of 8 and 17. Designed for students who wish to demonstrate more commitment to their instrument, the program offers instruction in music theory, chamber ensembles, and private lessons so as to educate the whole musician. In addition, students involved will have additional opportunities to participate in guest masterclasses and will be able to take advantage of the mentorship of the program coordinator throughout their tenure. BTP Strings is a stepping stone for students with aspirations to join one of BSM’s pre college programs.

Educating the Whole Musician

Supplement your private lessons with music theory, ensembles, and additional educational opportunities

Performance & Masterclass Opportunities

Participate in additional guest masterclasses & performance opportunities and gain valuable experience playing for others

Advanced Track Programming

For students with a deeper sense of commitment to their instrument who want to enhance their music education in preparation for a pre college program"

Each Semester Includes the Following

  • 45-minute or 60-minute weekly private lessons
  • 45-minute weekly music theory class
  • Weekly chamber or ensemble experience
  • Student commitment to practicing regularly throughout the week
  • Preparation of a minimum of two contrasting solo pieces
  • Performance in BTP Recitals featuring solo and ensemble performances
  • Perform in a jury, with evaluation and feedback on solos, scales, and sight-reading

Special Events

  • 2-3 times/year – attend Master Classes, playing classes, or other special events – during which students will be expected to perform and receive feedback from a guest artist, a faculty member, and/or their peers
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in the school’s annual events – such as Student Composers Program, Instrument Festivals, Performathon, Performance Competition, and other special events.

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat on proident, pisifwcing elit, sed do inci tut labore culpa qui officia.”

Jane Doesier


Our students continue to amaze us. See what our students are doing and how they are developing into skilled musicians.

What you need to know

After registering online, the program coordinator will be in touch to schedule an audition and all students will be placed in a music theory class based on their age, level of performance and completion of a music theory placement form if applicable.


  • 1-2 years of private study on primary instrument 
  • Current BSM students: Recommendation of private teacher that student is ready for a comprehensive music program and the work that it will take to prepare for biannual juries and extra performances. 
  • New students to BSM: Conversation and playing assessment with BTP Instrument Coordinator

application deadline

Applications will be accepted throughout the school year.

Audition date

Auditions are scheduled individually with Program Coordinator.

Semester Tuition

Register Online

Questions and Information

Veronica Riner 
Director of Strings Studies

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