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Music Programs

Chamber Music Programs

Music is meant to be shared and made together with friends. Small chamber ensembles including duos, trios, quartets and quintets are arranged each semester for students, based on their age and playing level.

Program Highlights

Bloomingdale’s chamber program is made to fit every student! This spring, small chamber ensembles can be arranged for two to six students, meeting online with a coach on the platform that best fits students’ needs. Players are grouped based on their ages and playing ability so that they can relate to one another and challenge one another. Groups may consist of school-aged students matched by the program coordinator, friends looking to play together or adult learners who want to add a social element to their playing. 

Online classes are available for students of all ages. The majority of our classes are conducted on Zoom. If your group is already a pod (for instance, siblings or neighbors), and you would like to meet in person and play for a coach over Zoom, we can accommodate that as well. Safety permitting, we will host an in-person Celebration of Chamber Music as the culminating performance event at the end of the semester.

Chamber music groups can play together during the set 8-week session each semester or set up flexible meetings over a longer period. All chamber groups are assigned a coach from the faculty and must practice independently between group rehearsals.

Groups will be assembled based on age, playing level, student and coach availability and instrumentation; a video audition is required. All instruments are welcome to audition.



  • 2 to 3 years of study or playing experience on their instrument
  • Music reading skills are essential
  • Able to play independently (or without a teacher)
  • Indication of current playing level
  • Video of student playing most recent repertoire required (practice video is fine!)

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see our students in action

Our students continue to amaze us. See what our students are doing and how they are developing into skilled musicians.

What you need to know

Interested participants should email Carrie Frey ( with the above prerequisites noted for the student and a short video of the students’ most recent repertoire being practiced/played.

Groups are formed based on aligned ability levels and matching student schedules. Each group is unique and takes time to form.

Important Dates

  • Fall Session:
    Nov 18-Jan 22
    • Final Fall Performance:
       Jan 22 or 23
  • Spring Session:
    April 8 – June 11
    • Final Spring Performance:
      June 11 or 12th


$260 for 8-week session

Longer sessions available by request and prorated accordingly

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Questions and Information

Carrie Frey
Chamber Music Coordinator

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