Faculty, Staff and Board
Faculty, Staff and Board

Meet the Bloomingdale faculty, staff and Board

Bloomingdale is deeply proud of our experienced, qualified, and caring faculty, staff, and board. 

Our faculty

Each of our faculty brings a wealth of performing and teaching experience to Bloomingdale. Browse their individual profiles below to learn about their unique interests, qualifications, and teaching styles. 

Aaron Butler
Early Childhood
Alejandro Cote
Guitar, Ukulele
Allie Altieri
Early Childhood
Allison Lander
Amber Evans
Brandon Vazquez
Trumpet, Ensembles, Chamber Music, Trumpet Ensemble
Carrie Frey
Violin, Viola, Chamber Music
Christine Browning
Voice, Broadway Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble
Claudia Schaer
Daniel Bennett
Saxophone, Jazz
Daniel Lamas
Viola, Violin
Douglas Marriner
Jazz, Percussion, Ensembles
Eli Asher
Brass, Jazz, Trumpet
Eric Phinney
Percussion, Ensembles, Percussion Ensemble
Gili Sharett
Jamie Fox
Guitar, Jazz
Jessica Beberaggi
Strings, Violin
Jessica Park
Jocelyn Medina
Voice, Jazz
Jordan Pettay
Saxophone, Jazz
José Maldonado
Guitar, Guitar Orchestra
Judith Olson
Piano, Chamber Music
Kaoru Hinata
Flute, Chamber Music, Ensembles
Katherine Hoffman
Flute, Recorder, Voice, Sightsinging
Krístal Rojas de León
Ling Lopez
Violin, Intermediate Orchestra, Ensembles
Lisa Pike
French Horn, Chamber Music
Luana Ayres
Marc Peloquin
Margalit Cantor
Cello, Chamber Music
Maria Figueroa
Strings, Cello
Marianela Torres
Mark Appling
Mark Mollica
Jazz, Applied Jazz Improv
Mica Poerio
Viola, Violin, Strings
Michael Cochrane
Piano, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz
Molly Aronson
Monica Verona
Naho Parrini
Violin, Chamber Orchestra
Nora Spielman
Nuno Marques
Olga Gurevich
Ongama Mhlontlo
Patti Onorato
Early Childhood
Paul Cho
Rachel Querreveld
Voice, Ensembles
Rebekah Griffin Greene
Double Bass, Preparatory Orchestra, Ensembles
Rhiannon Banerdt
Rie Schmidt
Flute, Woodwinds
Roberto Hidalgo
Sebastian Cruz
Sobina Chi
Tahira Clayton
Jazz, Applied Jazz Improv, Ensembles
Tereasa Payne
Flute, Flute Choir, Ensembles
Veronica Riner
Weiwei Zhai
Yvonne Troxler
Composition, Chamber Music, Piano, Ensembles
Zach Lapidus
Piano, Jazz

Our Staff

Meet our administrative staff responsible for registration, student services, education, development, marketing, operations, concert presenting, and more.

Brandon Vazquez
Erika Atkins
Grace Azcona
Jasmine Yanase
Kristal Rojas
Laura Gravino
Linda Zhang
Ling Lopez
Lohengrin Velasquez
Margalit Cantor
Marianela Torres
Mark Appling
Noelle Barbera
Senami Atinkpahoun
Veronica Riner
Yanitza Lee


Erika Atkins

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives and the entire world. Despite obstacles and hardships, Bloomingdale School of Music adapted in order to continue to provide access to high quality music education to all, no matter one’s economic status, ability level, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.  

As we gradually return to sharing spaces for in-person learning, I would like to commend the commitment of Bloomingdale’s students and faculty to gather, connect and share the joy of music. I am so proud to be a part of this community.

Thank you for your bravery and dedication, and for choosing us as YOUR center for music education, serving the Upper West Side since 1964. 

Bloomingdale Board Members

Our Board

Kenneth Michaels, President
Bradley Kulman, Vice President
Paul Ness, Treasurer
Sherry Glied, Secretary
Andrea Gural
Brian Upbin
Burton Kassell
Catherine McKenzie
Fenney Kuo
Jake Cinti
Jean Marie DeVeaux
Kristin Booth Glen
Melissa Schoonveld
Patrice Jean
Sarah Paul
Suzy Stein

Advisory Council

Ann Bingley Gallops
Elinor Hoover
Elizabeth Maher
Eugenie Dengel
Evangeline Benedetti
Harry M. Johnston, III
Jo-Ann Sternberg
Marta Istomin
Peter Schickele
Ruth Cherry
Stanley G. Weiss
The Hon. Franz S. Leichter