Music Programs
Music Programs

Project Bridge

Bloomingdale School of Music’s Project Bridge program is a full scholarship program for talented middle and high school students who cannot otherwise afford private lessons.

Program Highlights

Project Bridge nurtures a student’s musical talents through a weekly private lesson with a gifted teacher. Teachers work with students to build on their strengths and show them how to grow their skills on their instrument. The musical development from lessons allows the students to pay it forward and contribute more in their school band or orchestra.

45 minute private lessons

Solo and ensemble performance opportunities

Faculty Mentorship

Project Bridge Provides

  • 45-minute private lessons
  • Solo and ensemble performance opportunities
  • A faculty mentor

Project Bridge students have the option to audition for the MAP program in following years, and many have done so successfully.

“Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat on proident, pisifwcing elit, sed do inci tut labore culpa qui officia.”

Jane Doesier


Our students continue to amaze us. See what our students are doing and how they are developing into skilled musicians.

What you need to know

Interested candidates should fill out an online application form and submit it electronically with their tax form and a video by May 15th. If you are selected to continue the process, a virtual interview with you and a parent or guardian is also required.

Successful candidates will have identifiable talent, will have demonstrated achievement in their instrument, and will show a clear commitment to serious music study. 


  • Have at least one school year of experience on instrument in their school band or orchestra
  • In 7th-10th grade at the time of their audition
  • Love music and want to grow in their instrumental skills and musical knowledge
  • Have musical talent and show strong potential

application deadline

May 31, 2023


Late July

Annual Tuition

Project Bridge is free of charge to families that demonstrate financial need. Significant scholarships are also available to students who qualify by audition and interview.



Questions and Information

Kaoru Hinata
Project Bridge Director 
(212) 663-6021

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