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Franz Schubert Live

Franz Schubert was one of the first great composers of the romantic era. During his short but prolific career, he composed masterpieces in nearly every genre including songs, symphonies, string quartets, and piano sonatas. His music is characterized by rich harmonies and a seemingly endless gift for melody.

Most of Schubert’s music was performed in small musical salon settings that came to be known as “Schubertiads”. Among the performers was Schubert himself at the piano, accompanying singers in his beautiful song cycles. The guests at these events included patrons and friends as well as poets and painters. These must have been memorable experiences.

As we return to live performances I can’t help but think of those Schubertiads. Sometimes the best way to hear live music is in more intimate settings such as living rooms, galleries, or the Concert Hall at BSM. In these places the music speaks directly to us, enriching our lives and feeding our souls and minds. Our faculty concert series next season will keep the spirit of the Schubertiads alive as we return to in-person concerts at BSM as well as live streaming for those who are not able to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.

Practice Tip

It’s hard to believe summer is almost here. It’s a great time of year to start a new piece or polish something you worked on during the spring. Try setting a summer goal. This will help keep you focused and energized during the warm months. Happy practicing!

Schubert lecture class

For those of you who would like to learn more about Schubert, I encourage you to take my Thursday evening lecture class in July. We will listen to some of Schubert’s great works and learn about his life and methods of composing. It will be great fun and you will even hear me play some of his piano works live! Hope you will join us.