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UpBeat Blog | Live Music During a Pandemic

UpBeat Blog | Live Music During a Pandemic

When I was growing up we had a beautiful upright piano in our living room.  It was an old -fashioned tall instrument with an elegant wooden frame and ivory keys, purchased by my parents when it was time for my older sister to begin lessons. Neither of my parents were musicians but they wanted us to learn music and the first step was to have a piano.   As a result, we always had live music sounding throughout the house, sometimes pouring out onto the street on warm spring days.

During the pandemic, we have been restricted mostly to our homes.  As performers, teachers, and students of music, we have the great advantage of having live music right where we live.  I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate having access to so much music on various websites and apps as well as live-streamed concerts throughout the world.  With that said, nothing replaces the experience of listening to music live.  As we get through these next few months, let’s take a step back and realize the wonder and beauty of hearing live music in the intimacy of our homes.  Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a teacher, music is part of our daily lives and makes staying home all the more worthwhile and pleasurable.

PRACTICE TIP: Feel the Rhythm

One of the more difficult aspects of learning music is feeling the rhythm of a piece.  To get a precise and energized rhythm we have to internalize and feel the pulse, almost as though we were dancing to the music.  Melodies and harmonies are animated and come alive when we allow the rhythm to dance through our instruments and voices.  If you are having difficulty with a rhythm, try tapping or clapping the rhythm without the notes.  Once you get inspired by the rhythm the music will jump off the page! 


Our Spring Faculty Concert Series begins in March so stay tuned and watch for the upcoming announcements about our exciting series.

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