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UpBeat Blog | Marc Peloquin’s CD Release!

Upbeat! Blog #4 –

Marc Peloquin’s CD release – Many Hands: The Piano Music of David Del Tredici : Volumes 2-4 by Marc Peloquin

Today is a very special day for me with the release of my 3-disc recording titled Many Hands on the Albany Records label. The music on the recording is by Pulitzer Prize winning composer David Del Tredici. The producer for this collection is Judith Sherman who is a seven time Grammy Award winner as Classical Producer of the Year. With this amazing team assembled, it was the opportunity of a lifetime to create this recording and share with everyone the richly imaginative and virtuosic piano works of one the most important American composers of our time. 

I began my collaboration and friendship with David Del Tredici almost 20 years ago. At that time he was returning to composing for solo piano after many years of writing large orchestral works, including In Memory of a Summer Day which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980. I entered his musical orbit at just the right time! In these last several years I have had the honor and privilege of commissioning and premiering many of these pieces. David invited me into the process of his composing and would often ask for my opinion or even for suggestions for a new piano piece. It has been extraordinarily rewarding on so many levels and I am very excited to share this great piano music with all of you. 

The recording is available for purchase on the Albany Records website and on Amazon.  You can also hear it on Spotify, Apple Music iTunes and Amazon streaming.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!