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ROADMAP 2027 – Bloomingdale’s Strategic Plan

Dear Bloomingdale Community,

After a year of collective feedback and collaboration from our community, I am thrilled to share with you ROADMAP 2027, our strategic vision plan that answers the question “What will Bloomingdale look like in 2027?” Our five-year plan is grounded in expanding our offerings and capacity and adapting our space, current programs, and ways of working so that ultimately, we have the ability to include more people.

This year, as we launch ROADMAP 2027, we will focus on objectives centered around continued stabilization after the COVID crisis and building capacity to continue expanding on the important work we are doing. Some priority objectives for this year include:

  • REACH: Increase Bloomingdale’s visibility within the Upper West Side by bringing music outside our walls, and by inviting more people in, through concerts and events, and music making and learning
  • PROGRAMMING: Create accessible programs that invite and enable adults and older adults to participate in music making and learning while building social connections
  • CAPACITY: Strategically scale up the staffing and faculty capacity to meet the current workload and to support the growth of the additional initiatives identified in this plan
  • SPACE: Develop a facilities modernization plan to support programming excellence and student and faculty experience by maximizing the square footage, increasing energy efficiency, upgrading technological infrastructure, and improving the instruments and sound treatment
  • CONNECTION: Raise up and integrate Bloomingdale’s collective voices to ensure that the staff, faculty, students, and families experience belonging and commitment to the community as a whole

To find out more about our strategic plan, please visit our ROADMAP 2027 page. Interested in supporting? Please reach out to me at I would love to hear from you. We have a lot of exciting work ahead of us over the next five years and I know we will achieve those goals through our collective efforts.


Erika Atkins