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Welcome Letter from Bloomingdale’s Executive Director, Erika Atkins

Welcome Letter from Bloomingdale’s Executive Director, Erika Atkins


Dear Bloomingdale Community,

Welcome to the fall 2022 semester at Bloomingdale School of Music. I hope you are ready to “Fall Into Bloomingdale” – into music, learning, fun and community! As we begin this year, I am falling into inspiration. I continue to be inspired by you – our students, families, faculty, and staff that have continued to show unwavering dedication to not only your own musical journey, but our collective journey together.

What inspires you? Is it learning a new piece of music? Exploring new musical concepts with a teacher? Sharing music with ours? Through music education and the arts, we can show sides of ourselves we never knew existed and drive to achieve things we never thought we could. Not just as musicians, but in life! Focusing and practicing to get that piece just right teaches you not only excellence in your craftsmanship, but helps develop a mindset for approaching the world around us. This fall we’re bringing inspiration back – so get energized to be your best!

This year, we are also beginning the first phase of our five year strategic planning process, ROADMAP 2027. This is thanks to a generous donation from the Bay and Paul Fund, as well as the Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund. This September, we will be releasing the plan to share with all of you how we plan to make Bloomingdale stronger than ever before, so we’ll be here for years to come. Want to know what you can do to be a part of that magic? Keep playing music with us here in our special brownstone, showing up to our concerts and events ,and spreading the word about Bloomingdale’s offerings. I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Erika M. Atkins

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