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Faculty Concert Series | Music with a voice

Faculty Concert Series | Music with a voice
Virtual Concert
October 23, 2020 7:00 pm

Music with a Voice

Our second concert highlights the melodic element of music.  Piano faculty member Nuno Marques performs Beethoven’s lyrical Piano Sonata Op. 110 whose first movement is marked espressivo cantabile molto which translates “in a singing style, very expressively”.  Voice faculty member Rachel Querreveld performs her own original songs with such titles as Just Say the Word and Can You Keep a Secret.


Concert 1: Just Say The Word

A concert of original songs written and performed by Rachel Querreveld. 


Performers: Rachel Querreveld – voice



Just Say The Word 

I’m Bored

Hide and Seek 

Can You Keep A Secret




Concert 2: Beethoven op.110


Nuno Marques performs Beethoven’s Sonata op.110


Performers: Nuno Marques- piano


Beethoven, Sonata no.31 in Ab op. 110

Moderato cantabile molto espressivo

 Allegro molto

Adagio, ma non troppo — Fuga : Allegro, ma non troppo


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