Practice Challenge:
Bridge to Creativity

Bloomingdale School of Music, in partnership with the New York Philharmonic, presents the third annual Practice Challenge: Bridge to Creativity from August 21-25, 2023. In an effort to bridge students learning from the BSM Summer Session, the program will feature prompts from New York Philharmonic Teaching Artists to build creativity through practice.


Sign up today and join the New York Philharmonic and Bloomingdale School of Music from August 21-25 for the third annual Practice Challenge: Bridge to Creativity. We will work together to create a community around the often solitary act of practice, celebrate music-making, and call attention to the need for people to support music education and the arts in general. Participation is limited to 25 students from the Bloomingdale community on a first come first serve basis and daily participation is expected of anyone who signs up.

For 5 days, practice mentors will encourage students to: 

How it Works:

  • Starting on August 21st, all participating students will be assigned to the group on the Padlet app.
  • Each morning the Practice Challenge Leader posts a general practice prompt to the group. 
  • For example: What’s the part of your piece that challenges you the most? Tell us why and post yourself playing it. Listen to one other participant and give them an encouraging comment.
  • After receiving the prompt, students will have until the next day to post 30 seconds to 2-minute videos in response.  

The Practice Challenge Leader will provide feedback to each student throughout the week.