22nd Annual Performathon & Musical Carnival This Weekend!

An evening of music to benefit BSM's Scholarship Fund

Details For: 22nd Annual Performathon & Musical Carnival This Weekend!

March 3, 2019


Broadway Presbyterian Church
601 West 114th Street & Broadway

Honoring Burton Kassell, Board Member

Join us for an in-person and online, student-driven performance and fundraising campaign for Bloomingdale’s scholarship fund, starting on May 16, ending with live performances and a music-themed carnival on June 4, from 10 am – 3 pm.



Bloomingdale School of Music’s 22nd Annual Performathon & Musical Carnival!
Saturday, June 4, 2022 / 10 am – 3 pm at Bloomingdale School of Music

An in-person and online, student-driven performance and fundraising campaign for Bloomingdale’s scholarship fund, starting on May 16, ending with live performances and a music-themed carnival on June 4, from 10 am – 3 pm.


We believe all people who want to study music should have access!

Help support Bloomingdale’s Scholarship Program, the core of our mission to provide open access to quality music education.


Create a personal fundraising page
Upload a performance video or sign up for an in-person time on 6/4
Share your fundraising page with family and friends-tell them why you love BSM and want to help others have access to music lessons.
Come to BSM on June 4 for the performances & music-themed carnival!


Create your own fundraising page

Click on “I Want to Fundraise for This” —->
Create your personal fundraising page now, then post your video performance when it’s ready (or sign up for a live time 6/4 at BSM). Talk about why you love music and BSM on your page and why you want others to have the opportunity to study music too!
If you’re performing live on June 4, sign-up for a time slot here, then share your personal fundraising page with friends and family and ask them to sponsor your performance.

Upload your performance video or sign-up for a live performance time
Video record yourself performing a short piece (that you’ve prepared with your BSM teacher) and post it to your personal fundraising page (even if you’re performing live, this can be a great way to encourage people to donate!)
If you don’t have a youtube channel, email the video to performathon@bsmny.org and we’ll send you the link to share your video directly on your fundraising page.
You can also create your own unlisted youtube channel, upload your performance video there, then copy the link to your fundraising page directly.

Share and ask people to support our scholarship fund
Share with friends & family near and far and ask them to donate to our scholarship fund in honor of your performance
Share your page through social media too!


Music for All! We work with our students to eliminate barriers to quality music education. Financial aid is key in many cases. Over the past decade alone, Bloomingdale has awarded more than $2 million in tuition assistance and aided thousands of families. Our annual Performathon is a way for Bloomingdale students to support each other by raising funds for our scholarship program.


Grand Prize (student who raises the most):
Apple iPad Pro 11-inch, 512GB Space Gray, Wifi + Cellular + AppleCare ($1450 value)

Second Prize (student who raises the second-highest amount):
Nintendo switch

Third Prize: Air pods pro

Fourth Prize: Apple pencil

Fifth Prize: Electric scooter (ordered for size after the event)


$20-99 get a fidget spinner
$100 + get a t-shirt


For help with any technical issues or questions about the event, please email:


Sign up for a June 4, live performance time at Bloomingdale.


Tonight's Featured Performers

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Honoring Our Longest Serving Board Member

Burton Kassell first moved to the Upper West Side in 1962.

The longest serving member of Bloomingdale School of Music’s board of directors, Burton Kassell first moved to the Upper West Side in 1962. Born in Brooklyn, and a graduate of Baruch School of Business class of 1958, he began a career in sales and later ventured in to real estate. He is the chief executive officer of the Palidrome Corporation which he founded in 1974 as a multifamily residential owner, developer and manager. Kassell fondly remembers the neighborhood in the 1960’s saying, “In warm weather you would hear a lot of music because windows would be open and people would be singing or playing the piano…”

It was a lucky happenstance that one day in the 1960s he noticed a double line of very young children holding hands walking from their public school (where they had no music program) to Bloomingdale School of Music. It was this sight that so moved him to discover David Greer and the work of Bloomingdale resulting in a contribution of $1,000. His support of BSM then and now is fueled by his love for children, his belief in the transformational power of music education, and the desire to ensure access to high quality music education for all who seek it. 

To Kassell, a music education is part of being a well rounded person, as essential as reading or looking at art. His belief in the importance and value of BSM extends to his own family, with both children and grandchildren having attended the school.

This Event Owes Great Thanks to Henry Rinehart

British born Henry Rinehart has enjoyed a formidable career as a successful restaurateur and accomplished actor. Henry attended the famous School of Performing Arts while living on New York City’s Upper West Side not far from where he would go on to create his eponymous restaurant, HENRY’s. 

Henry believes that restaurants are fundamental to the civic fabric of any community. Together the strains of art, performance and hospitality were the foundation of his two decade long fine dining success.

Henry is very excited to join the Bloomingdale community for the Notes from 108th Street celebration of Burton Kassell. “Burton was a long-time guest at HENRY’s and a treasured member of the Upper West Side community.”

Other SPonsors for This Event

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our reputable and ethical partners, we are able to continuously strive to make a positive impact on the lives of music lovers everywhere.

Many ways to support young musicians

support music eduation through your donation

Our trial lessons offer prospective music students the opportunity to experience hands-on teaching from our passionate and experienced faculty. This gives you a taste of what we have to offer; only for 25 bucks.

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