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Spring Into Bloomingdale

Spring into Bloomingdale: SPECIAL PROMOTION

BSM offers $50 off for new families on

  • Private lessons on more than 20 instruments*
  • Early Childhood classes for ages 6 months – 5 years

Learn More

  • Call 212-663-6021 & mention SPRING50 discount code when registering
  • Stop by 323 West 108th Street & mention SPRING50 discount code when registering
  • Register at & put SPRING50 in the comments

Referral Bonus

Let us know if a current BSM family referred you and they will receive a $25 discount!

Word of mouth is the best way to grow our community, and we need your help to spread the word and implement a special “SPRING INTO BLOOMINGDALE” promotion running January 24th through February 28th.

Our goals of this promotion are:

1) Increase awareness about BSM in the UWS community through word of mouth. We want BSM to become a household name on the UWS, and for people to know about our lessons and class offerings, our wonderful faculty, and the many free concerts and events throughout the year.

2) Increase spring registrations from NEW families. By offering a special $25 credit to BSM families who refer a new family to register AND a one time $50 discount for those new registrations (for private lessons and Early Childhood classes only), we want to increase the number of families taking classes here.

Can you help us get the word out?

BSM staff and students are ready to attend a PTA meeting, a co-op board meeting, synagogue session, church youth group, knitting club, reading club, play groups, etc. You name it and we can put together a short two minute elevator speech, a 30 minute music presentation with information about Bloomingdale, or anything in between. Anywhere there might be a few families to learn about Bloomingdale, we’d love to meet them.

Here are a few ways you could help:

1) BSM Presentations: if you have a gathering or an event where we could perform or present, please send an email to Ling Lopez, We’ll explore your ideas and dates.

2) Send a note to your friends and neighbors about BSM and let them know about this promotion.

3) Social media: like us on facebook and follow us on twitter, then share our postings with your social media community.

4) Flyers: we have special flyers at the front desk that you could distribute in your buildings, laundry rooms, or anywhere people gather.

Please give us a call or stop by the Registration Office if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to another wonderful semester of music-making at Bloomingdale!

*This promotion does not apply to ensembles and group lessons.