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Bloomingdale School of Music Virtual Fall Music Classes Beginning September 13 Available for All Ages and Levels of Experience


August 13, 2020


Contact: Michelle Tabnick, (646) 765-4773,



Bloomingdale School of Music

Virtual Fall Music Classes 

Beginning September 13

Available for All Ages and Levels of Experience


Bloomingdale School of Music will offer virtual music classes for the fall semester beginning September 13, 2020. Bloomingdale classes aim to educate students and instill discipline, fun and a passion for self-expression through music through high-quality instruction throughout the year. This fall in particular, Bloomingdale will offer options for early childhood learners, K-12 students, and adults, in addition to opportunities for intergenerational learning and classes where no prior musical experience is necessary. The School also offers virtual ensembles.  To register and learn more, visit


Bloomingdale School of Music will be completely virtual this fall and will continue to offer online learning options only, as The School has done successfully since the onset of the pandemic, pivoting seamlessly from entirely in-person learning, to more nearly 90% participation in virtual classes. 


“Our 2020 fall programming includes something for everyone, regardless of age or level of ability, and was designed specifically for an online music experience,” said Laura Gravino, Director of Education.  “Our outstanding faculty has created new courses to engage non-musicians and trained professionals alike, designed to help make this fall a flexible and reliable time to learn and to enjoy.  Limited financial means are never a barrier at Bloomingdale; scholarships and financial aid are available during our fall semester, as they are throughout the year.”  


Access to music education for all has been Bloomingdale School of Music’s hallmark since its founding over 50 years ago. Bloomingdale works with its students to eliminate barriers to quality music education in an inclusive manner that translates well to an online experience with faculty. Financial aid is key in many cases as well. Over the past decade alone, Bloomingdale has awarded more than $2 million in tuition assistance and aided thousands of families.


Early Childhood

BSM will offer five days of Early Childhood class options, including options for the whole family to join in on the activity. BSM will continue to offer classes based in Dalcroze Theory, Music and Movement and Orff Instrument classes. 


Lecture-Based Classes for All 

BSM will offer over 20 lecture classes for students of all ages this fall. These classes are great for students new to music education with no instrument or private lesson experience, and also for those with one or many years of practice behind them. Topics include How to Listen to Music, Female Composers Throughout Music History, Música Americana: Alternative Repertoire South of the Rio Grande, Chopin and His Circle, Vocal Percussion and Rhythm Workshop, Songwriting Workshop, Music Business Essentials and Music Software learning experiences. Many of these classes are for students aged 14 to adult and will include mixed intergenerational groups. 


Theory Expansion 

BSM is excited to have three complete yearlong levels of theory to explore for students between the ages of 8 and 18. For adults, BSM will continue with its popular Intro to Theory. 


Performing Ensembles

Using the lessons BSM learned in the spring and summer semesters of creating layered videos for final performances, using weekly sessions for coaching and peer feedback, BSM is excited to be hosting its Trumpet Ensemble, Flute Choir, Broadway Ensemble and Guitar Orchestras again this semester. Chamber Music will return to BSM’s offerings as well with a digital landscape where students will both be able to interact with each other while also exploring important repertoire for their instruments. 




Baby’s & Toddler’s First Music Class

The first of Bloomingdale’s Early Childhood Music classes, this course introduces the world of music to babies and toddlers.


Dalcroze Class

Bloomingdale’s Dalcroze specialist Aaron Butler will present an online experience like no other for students ages 2 to 5.


Family Musical Adventures

Preschool age students explore the sounds and sights of music through responsive listening, imaginative play, movement and dancing, and song memorization.


Morning Music Makers First Half

Join Miss Patti for a weekly class while you’re home together. Classes will be limited to 4 families participating, the experience will be tailored to the participating children. 


Music and Movement

This class focuses on singing and dancing and introduces children to playing hand percussion instruments.




Bloomingdale Broadway Ensemble

Dream of being on stage? The costumes, the lights the songs? Join other Musical Theater enthusiasts ages 13 – 21 to explore the Broadway repertoire through one-on-one private coachings and group sessions culminating in a virtual group and solo video performance.


Chopin and His Circle

A musical perspective of Chopin’s time through his early compositional days and the composers who influenced him: his precursor John Field, his teacher Joseph Elsner, and some of his contemporaries such as Mendelssohn and Moscheles.


Guitar Orchestra

Designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and skill levels, Bloomingdale’s Guitar Orchestra presents music ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary compositions, original works for guitars, and arrangements of popular music.


Music Theory: Level 1

Music Theory is a hands-on investigation of the fabric of music, leading to greater musical fluency and a deeper appreciation of its inner structure. No prior theory experience necessary.


Music Theory: Level 2

Music Theory is a hands-on investigation of the fabric of music, leading to greater musical fluency and a deeper appreciation of its inner structure. Completion of Music Theory I or instructor recommendation required.


Music Theory: Level 3

Music Theory is a hands-on investigation of the fabric of music, leading to greater musical fluency and a deeper appreciation of its inner structure. Completion of Music Theory I and II or instructor recommendation required.


Música Americana: Alternative Repertoire South of the Rio Grande

A practical workshop on a broad range of Latin American repertoire.


Performance Class

Improve your performances by learning both the skills needed for impeccable presentation and methods to put them into practice. Students with prior experience on their instrument welcome.


Preparatory Flute Choir

Preparatory Flute Choir is the perfect group for beginner flutists looking for a welcoming ensemble experience.




Adult Guitar Orchestra

The adult guitar ensemble explores a wide range of music genres from classical to folkloric music arranged for the classical guitar.


Female Composers Throughout Music History

Female Composers throughout Music History will explore the history of females in composition, providing specific study on selected composers and listening examples to be discussed in depth.


Flute Choir

Join this welcoming, fun, and supportive ensemble of flutists! Weekly practice together gives flutists of all ages the chance to explore flute ensemble repertoire.


Great Pianists of the 20th Century

Dive deeper into the piano world, get to know important pianists and influencers. Great Pianists of the 20th Century will be a fascinating journey through music history and an exploration of fascinating personalities that have shaped music and piano playing. 


Jazz Ensemble

The jazz ensemble is a place where students can explore music in the jazz tradition, particularly bebop, post-bop, latin and Brazilian styles. 


Music Appreciation Series: How to Listen to Music

Bloomingdale Resident Teaching Artist, Marc Peloquin, leads a series of 4-week music courses designed to give students a basic understanding of music and inspire an appreciation for music through a variety of musical styles.


New York Story

We will experience nearly 120 years of music, explore the inspiring and dynamic New York classical music scene.


Vocal Percussion and Rhythm Workshop

Using vocal percussion techniques from the traditional music of India and the Middle East in combination with walking and clapping, we’ll use our body’s built in instruments to confidently create and improvise upon rhythms.


In the words of life-long student Daisy Roberts, one of Bloomingdale’s more than 600 students, “323 West 108th Street is more than a music school. It’s a community, a family, a home. I don’t think I’d be the musician I am today without Bloomingdale. It’s nurtured me as I grew up, helped me develop as a person, and changed me for the better. So thank you, Bloomingdale. I couldn’t have done it without you.” 


Founded in 1964, Bloomingdale School of Music is dedicated to the belief that music changes lives and everyone should have access to high-quality music education regardless of economic status, race, religion, ability level, or gender. Bloomingdale is a music-driven community center where all are welcome to join and learn about music from top faculty. We are dedicated to our mission – to make music education accessible to all who want to learn – and remain focused on supporting this mission through our values.