Sabine Heubusch  

Sabine Heubusch

"[I value] being playful, magic and loving...supporting my students to unfold the artist inside of them and giving them tools to sharpen their skills."

Originally from Austria, Sabine Heubusch received her B.A. in Music and Movement (Dalcroze Eurythmics) from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. She came to New York in 1993 on a scholarship to study Contemporary Dance. Her dancing is also influenced by Tango, Buddho and Hip Hop which she pursued during her extensive travels throughout South and Central America. In 2008 Sabine founded On-Site Dance, performing site-specific pieces in outdoor areas throughout the world.

Sabine has earned several teaching certifications, among them pre-school teacher, teacher for children with special needs, Alexander Technique, Yoga instructor and Pilates Mat. She teaches adults, children of all ages and children with special needs in public schools, music and art schools, fitness studios, and privately in New York and Austria. The Alexander Technique [described as both “a way to move mindfully through life” and “an intelligent way to solve body problems”] has had a profound impact on her life and supports her in her mission and commitment to well-being and the arts.

While dance was her initial inspiration, Sabine has studied guitar, recorder, and piano, the latter in order to learn Dalcroze Eurythmics. she loves to share her experience, creativity, and knowledge in her teaching and greatly appreciates what she learns from her students. In her teaching, Sabine values “supporting my students to unfold the artist inside of them and giving them tools to sharpen their skills.” With younger students, she strives to be “playful, magic and loving”.

Sabine cites Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Schubert as favorite composers as well as Austrian composers, world music and electronic music. In her free time, she enjoys art, museums, cooking for friends, travel and the outdoors--hiking and camping.