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#JustForFun | Vision Board Party

#JustForFun | Vision Board Party
January 28, 2021 6:00 pm

Ready to set some intentional resolutions for the new year? Then come join BSM staff for a night of mindful goal-setting and take time to craft your very own vision board! A vision board is a powerful visual tool to help create daily inspiration and remind you of your passions, dreams, and goals. Magazine clippings, stickers, pictures, quotes, and more can all be used to craft your vision board and help you make the most of the year 2021!

What you will need

A large piece of construction paper or poster board (Don’t have a poster board? An old corkboard or regular printer paper works just fine!)

Old magazines, Internet pictures, pamphlets, etc. (Libraries often sell their old magazines for a small fee. Ask the neighbors for old magazines. Use the Internet by searching for a specific type of image or theme. Websites such as www.istockphoto.com or Google Images are great sites to explore.)

Pens, markers, pencils

Glue, tape, or other adhesive

Any other decorating tools you’d like to use such as washi tape, stamps, stickers, found objects, glitter, etc.


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